If Bill has helped your game get to the next level please let him know and we'll post it here! CLICK HERE to go to his "Contact Bill" page to leave a testimonial or e-mail Bill your testimonial at bill@billspigner.com. And if you have a photo (by yourself or with Bill) e-mail that also and we'll use that along with your testimonial.

"I greatly appreciate Bill's knowledge and expertise and that he lends his full attention to the process. He is a great observer who quickly sizes up issues then creates a plan to fix what is not working. Additionally, he reframes his directions so that learning takes place faster. Perspective is everything. And he knows it!

If you want to learn the right foundations of the sport of bowling, he's your guy – not to mention he's really kind and easy to talk to. No wonder everyone in bowling in this area knows Bill! He's the best."

Deb Norton – Libertyville, IL
Quickly improving her bowling with Bill's help

"I met Bill in 1981 as a 13 year old at a junior bowling camp. I do not remember much about my camp experience, but I do remember Bill believed in me well before I ever believed in my own bowling self. I left camp with hopes and the dreams of a teenager that maybe someday I could actually compete as a professional bowler.

In 1991 I realized my dream in my rookie LPBT season and again found Bill in my travels. Over the next 12 years he played a key part in my bowling life as part coach and part mentor.

I have had the privilege to work with most of the top coaches in the bowling world in my career as well as coach several wonderful students myself. I have the unique perspective of coaching from both the student and the coach. I have returned each time to Bill over the years because I consider him not only best for me but also the best at what he does.

He has the ability to immediately know not only what is best for the bowler, but also have just the right amount of patience and the type of communication necessary for that individual. There is nothing "cookie cutter" about his knowledge or his teaching style. To be one of the top coaches in the country, it is also necessary to understand all aspects of the sport, not just what happens on the lanes. He brings his knowledge as previous center owner, pro shop owner, PBA member and coach and synthesizes all of this information for each student with each encounter. I would personally recommend Bill for any level of bowler and feel lucky to have found him for my own bowling life!"

Kim Adler – Cocoa, FL
15-Time PWBA National Champion
3-Time PWBA Regional Champion
1991 PWBA Rookie of the Year
2004 USBC Women's Championships All-Events Champion

"I was first introduced to Bill by a referral from an old college teammate (Sean Rash) a couple years ago. I bowled a tournament in Wichita that left me embarrassed and pondering quitting the sport I used to love. Bowling was no longer fun for me, as it always seemed like a struggle. I hadn't taken bowling very seriously for the past decade and it showed in bad mechanics and poor overall outlook. I missed walking into the bowling center and knowing that I had a chance to win, therefore I decided to meet with Bill and I haven't looked back. I've been very fortunate in my bowling career to have worked with some of the best coaches in the world (Gordon Vadakin, Mark Lewis, Fred Borden, Dean Hinitz, Pat Henry, Rick Steelsmith, Keith Runyan to name a few) and Bill is at the top of my list. Words cannot state how grateful I am to call Bill my coach and how he has provided a way to keep me on a focused track to get to the level of bowling I wanted to get to. Since working with Bill I have rolled multiple honor scores, won a few tournaments and have started enjoying bowling even when the scoring isn't going as I would like. Even though I'm not as consistent as I would like to be yet (not practicing enough which is my own fault) Bill has helped provide me with fundamentals and skills that have elevated my physical game, understanding of the new ball technology and mental processing and focus. I now roll the ball better than I ever have and look forward to seeing what Bill can do for me next. From all of the coaching I've seen and received in my lifetime, to talking to some of the highest level coaches in he industry throughout my career and I have to say that Bill Spigner is truly one of the best coaches ever."

Don Anderson – Elgin, IL
Bill helped rejuvenate his game and bring it to a higher level

"Every once in a while you run into a certain type of person who inspires you. One day in 2013, I picked up a flyer regarding bowling lessons at BZ Hawthorn in Vernon Hills, IL. I went home and scheduled my first lesson with Bill. The day I met Bill Spigner I honestly was rejuvenated to improve my game. Meeting Bill and learning a little about his career, his passion, and all his accomplishments (from others--Bill doesn't like to boost) was uplifting to me. Bill has accomplished so much in his lifetime and yet still continues to pass along his passion for the sport everyday. It is a gift actually, a gift of knowledge and passion.

I try to pass on the knowledge by coaching and hoping to pay it forward as Bill does everyday. I have gotten involved locally with the Waukegan Women's Bowling Association and have become a Bronze Level coach all because I picked up his flyer. I have made so many new friends as well as friendships all over the country traveling to various tournaments. It truly is amazing the degree of impact one man can make. Bill Spigner you are a man of integrity and honor. It has been so uplifting to have you as a personal coach, a VHHS coach, a mentor, and a friend.

In honor (and memory) of my childhood neighbors Ron Nelson and Matt Nelson who introduced me to the sport many moons ago, finding Bill's flyer was a life changer for me. An 8 x 11 piece of paper changed my life.

Thank you Coach Spigner. A well-deserved accomplishment for 50 years at the ABC/USBC Open Championships last month. I wish I could have been there to witness you receiving your award."

Erin Beck – Wadsworth, IL
Bill helped rejuvenate her game

"I recently had a 4 hour session with Bill. I wanted him to look at my overall game and work with me on improving my spare shooting in PBA50 competition. Bill video taped me from the back, side and front and then we sat down to analyze the video. He pointed out the flaws he saw and then we went back onto the lanes. He re-adjusted my starting position, ball position height, and shoulder position. He then had me start bowling. It took a little time, but soon I was executing shots and hitting my target consistently. He then video taped me again and we sat down to compare the before and after. The "after" was sooooo much better. We then worked on my spare game. He gave me a formula to use and after some practice I was comfortable with it.. Bill's instructions were clear, concise and easy to understand, no techno mumbo jumbo.

The next day I left for a PBA50 regional in Ft. Wayne, IN. Using the 2 hour practice on Friday, reviewing the CD of the lesson and using the 1 day event on Saturday to work on the information Bill had given me, I returned Sunday to bowl the 2nd one day event. We were bowling on the 39' PBA Chameleon pattern, which was very high scoring for this event. Here are my results, the first three of which I had never accomplished before in 50 plus years of bowling:

• I led the 7 games of qualifying and averaged 247.4

• Starting with the last game on Saturday, and the 7 games of qualifying, I did not miss one spare and only had 1 split

• In 5 games of match play, I again did not miss a single spare--that was 13 games without a spare miss

I finished 4th, which is my highest finish in a PBA50 regional event in 5 years. At 63 years old, this lesson has rejuvenated my competitive juices. Thank you Bill!"

Brendan Bierch – Grafton, MA
4 MA State USBC Titles
6 ABT Titles
6 NABI Titles
1 NEBA Title

"I went to Bill Spigner to improve my game. Bill made adjustments in my stance which improved my swing. Also, I was having trouble pulling the ball and he explained that my shoulders were closing to the direction I wanted the ball to travel at my release. Keeping them facing my target line has made a big improvement. He told me a lot of other things but said keep working on these two things. Thank you Bill!"

Harold Boghosian – Waukegan, IL
Two tips have made big improvements in his game

"I've been a league bowler at Hawthorn Lanes and now BZ Hawthorn for over 24 years. In that time I've had the opportunity to work with Bill, whom I feel is one of the best coaches around. I've had private lessons with him to work on specific aspects of my game, and now, when I find myself struggling, I take advantage of his Monday Tune-Up sessions. I find these a great way to get back on track. Sure it's a group lesson instead of a private lesson, but I can learn not just from Bill working with me, but also by watching him teach the other bowlers. You still get the before and after video so you can really see what needs to be corrected.

At the start of this season, I wasn't off to a very good start and couldn't seem to figure out what I was doing wrong. After 4 weeks, I was averaging 177 in my two leagues. Then I took the Monday Tune-Up, and over the next 6 weeks I averaged 195. I still have the occasional lousy game, but there are fewer of them, and more of the good ones. Thanks Bill for getting me back on track!"

Rich Braslow – Vernon Hills, IL
Fan of Bill's Monday Tune-Up

"I started taking lessons from Coach Bill Spigner in 2012 and from the first lesson I could see improvement in my form. Since then I placed second in my Conference and Sectionals as well as making it to the IHSA State Finals as an individual – all in my Freshman year and then as a team my Sophomore year! I also took Coach Bill's summer Junior Gold Lane Play Tune-up which helped me prepare for the Junior Gold Championships."

Coach Bill is a great coach and has helped take my game to the next level!"

Emma Davellis – Libertyville, IL
2-time IHSA State Qualifier

"Since my first bowling lesson with Bill in 2005, he has been my north star, guiding me through the journey to improve my game, pointing me in the direction of optimal improvement with potent advice forged in his deep scientific understanding of the sport, including the physical and mental game, lane play and equipment expertise.

Many times during my quest to improve my physical game, there have been times when everything seemed to be going wrong. My ball release felt awkward, my timing or tempo unusual, or my back-swing like it was headed in the wrong direction. Other bowlers and coaches were quick to offer anecdotal advice, and I was quick to try and adjust my form, but these attempts turned out to be quick fixes, making the form feel better, but not tackling the underlying problem where it began. Often, these quick fixes, like just opening the shoulders to adjust for an improperly angled back-swing proved counterproductive in the long-run.

And then I would work with Bill. We would watch slow-motion video of my approach, and he would effortlessly but ingeniously spot the root of the problem, the one mistake I made in my first step or two that triggered all the rest. And with only a minor adjustment or two at the most, everything in my form would seem to "click" all at once, and all those frustrating problems would melt away; this is the nature of the power and precision of a little advice from Bill. In hindsight, the efforts of other bowlers or coaches to alter my form in superficial ways compared to Bill's targeted scientific approach resembled a group of watchmakers trying to repair a broken stopwatch in comparison to Bill using advanced physics to hone the performance of an atomic clock.

During my first year of working with Bill, my average jumped from 140 to over 200, and not only did I achieve my goal of making my high school bowling team the year after I began bowling (for my freshman year), I led the varsity team for the next three years and captured high average honors in our conference twice, including the achievement of an 817 3-game series. There is no way I could have accomplished any of this without Bill's advice and personal investment in my success as my coach. To anyone struggling with the monumental but achievable challenge of becoming a great bowler, I'd suggest even just an hours' lesson with Bill, and the task will seem far more achievable."

Brian Davidson – Madison, WI
Beginner to IHSA State Qualifier working with Bill

"Over the past two years I have been exchanging videos and correspondence with Bill trying to get my game where I think it should be. I had been making progress, but when I met with Bill in person in late September, all of what we had been discussing really started to gel and my game now feels simpler and much easier to repeat. Thanks for the GREAT advice and help – I'm looking forward to the two senior PBA stops in Vegas this summer!"

Eric Forkel – Las Vegas, NV
5-Time PBA Champion

"I had been bowling for almost 40+ years, always thinking that I could improve on my own. And I did... until I hit the proverbial "wall"! It was then when I decided to take the first of many lessons to break through that "wall". Much to my surprise, down it came! – All thanks to my new friend and instructor, Bill Spigner. I am a visual learner with a somewhat short attention span, and Bill successfully modified his teaching approach to best benefit my unique learning style. I greatly appreciated his "flexible teaching method" of instructing to my individual strengths the individual and not trying to have me take my game out of my own personal physical comfort zone. I especially made tremendous strides through the utilization of video used to capture my game (and used to compare my approach to other similar styles). Even though I'm improving in many phases of my game, we still continue to work on and analyze the causes that lead to bad shots rather than just create a band-aid approach to eliminate a problem (which would've just created another!) I like a coach that explains the How's and Why's rather than one who just says "do this or do that!" I have since seen Bill for many follow up lessons over the years as I take pride in what we discuss and apply it to the lanes. Through diligent practice and receiving (and applying) what I believe is among the best coaching worldwide, I have been fortunate to have rolled several honor scores on both house and sport conditions and even won a few scratch tournaments including the Lake County (IL) All-Events and the Pan American Maccabi Games All-Events in Buenos Aries (neither of which I could have done on my own). Thanks Bill, for all you did and continue to do for me (and others)!"

Craig Frankel – Highland Park, IL
2010 LCBA Tournament Scratch All-Events Champion
2007 Scratch All-Events Champion – Pan American Maccabi Games

"I took lessons from Bill over 20 years ago and to this day I still use the advice and game adjustments I learned from him in those lessons. I still don't keep score as he suggested when I practice, use the set-up he advised, and still tuck my pinky finger for more lift and turn as he recommended. I am not sure I would have had as much bowling success if I hadn't gotten those lessons."

Jerry Goldman – Skokie, IL
9 ABT Titles
44 NABI/BTC Titles

"I consider having access to a coach of Bill's caliber a real privilege. He is one of the few coaches who have the experience to truly understand what it takes to be successful at a high level. In just a short session Bill can identify the factors that might be limiting my progress and more importantly, explain in a way that is easy to understand how to implement a fix. Bill has the ability to explain how the different parts of my delivery are linked together.

Since working with Bill I have been able to win my second PBA Regional title and have been very competitive at that level over the past year. His coaching has helped me to improve my ability to compete and the confidence that it brings is invaluable.

I plan to continue to rely on Bills coaching ability to help me to continue to compete. I would recommend Bill to any level of bowler who wishes to improve."

Jim Graefe – Cedarburg, Wisconsin
2 PBA50 Regional Titles

"In the past couple of years age and some physical problems have really affected my game. My average just continued to drop and the game wasn't fun anymore. I was thinking about giving up bowling but then I went to see Bill. He was able to identify my problem areas and help me get back to being competitive. Bowling is fun again – thanks Bill!"

Bill Graham – Buffalo Grove, IL
Lake County Association Titleist

Illinois Bowling Association Titleist
Lake County Bowing Association Hall of Fame

"Bill's attention to detail and easy communication style leave him second to none as a world class coach. He has helped get me back on track and given me clear direction to keep improving. I highly recommend working with him to help you take your game to the next level."

Bob Greenfield – North Prairie, WI
1996 USBC Open Championships Team Champion
2001 USBC Open Championships Team Champion

"Bill is in a "category of one" when it comes to his ability to coach and develop bowlers. His effective communication style and knowledge of the game is what keeps me coming back to learn more about my game. I specifically find value in the video analysis because it's a great visual to what Bill is communicating verbally. Each time I see Bill for a lesson I learn something new and implement the things he taught me in previous lessons. Bill is a great coach and I highly recommend seeing him if you would like to improve your game!"

Steve Greenspan – Buffalo Grove, IL
12 ABT Titles
10-300 Games
3-800 Series

"I would like to thank Bill for taking the time to work with me and getting my game back on track. I have recently moved from Arizona to Wisconsin and was having some issues with my ball roll and tilt. I was able to attend one of Bill's Monday Tune-Ups and proceeded to average over 227 for the next 3 weeks. I highly recommend Bill for players of any average because Bill doesn't try to change your game, but works with what you have and makes small changes where needed. "

Brian Hirsch – Kenosha, WI
2nd VP of the International Bowling Media Association
7 time IGBO Champion
5-300 Games
3-800 Series (846)

"I started lessons with Coach Bill Spigner at the beginning of my junior year of high school in 2013. He helped improve my form, and took my understanding of bowling to a new level. His lessons helped me qualify individually for Illinois High School State. Coach Bill's lessons helped me understand the difficulty of sport patterns and how to play them. As a result of his lessons I earned my first spot for Junior Gold. He offered a Junior Gold Lane Play Tune-Up to help those who qualified, which I signed up for right away. Additionally, these Tune-Ups helped me with the JBST tournaments.

Coach Bill is phenomenal – he helped me understand my game better and what college coaches were looking for. Because of his coaching I look forward to bowling for the Aquinas College Saints starting this September!"

Amy Hollingshead – Beach Park, IL
Looking forward to bowling for Aquinas College in September

"It's been a while, but I took lessons from Bill for several years back in the 1980's. He was the complete professional and lived up to his recommendations. In fact, it was actually Earl Anthony who recommended him to me."

Michael Huston – Rancho Cucamonga, CA
One of Bill's first students

"I met Bill in the Sport League at BZ Hawthorn during 2012-13 season. Back then, I was a 155 average bowler with only three years of bowling experience. After I met him I'd heard a lot of positive comments and testimonials from other bowlers about how great a coach he is. So I decided to see if I could get better by taking some private lessons from him and attending a few of his Monday Tune-Ups. Now a few years later, my current average has increased to 190 and I've been shooting more 200 plus games and 600 series. And in June 2015, I finally won my first ABT Title. After all these accomplishments and hard work I've put in, I am planning to continue to rely on Bill's coaching abilities to gain knowledge and improve my game. I recommend for anyone to get a lesson from Bill to help you take your game to the next level."

Kenny Inami – Elk Grove Village, IL
Won first ABT title after working with Bill

Average went from 155 to 190

"One of my proudest accomplishments as a coach is to have coached PBA players who have gone on to be successful coaches. Bill is one of those players and I think he is the top man in his field – very observant and analytical."

John Jowdy – El Cajon, CA
Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame
PBA Hall of Fame
USBC Hall of Fame

Unfortunately, John Jowdy passed away August 1, 2013 at the age of 93. Famed bowling journalist, 28-time PBA Regional Champion, USBC Hall of Famer, and The 11th Frame blogger Jeff Richgels mentions Jowdy's feelings that Bill is one of the world's top coaches. CLICK HERE to read the blog.

"I started working with Bill when I was 12 years old in the 6th grade, at that time I was averaging a measly 150. After just a few lessons with Bill I saw a drastic increase in my game which made me more consistent. By the time I was in 8th grade I was averaging 185, and in that same year under Bills guidance I Bowled my first sanctioned 300 game at 13 years old. I worked with Bill throughout high school and during that time I saw a fair share of success. I went on to have 2 high school tournament wins including the 2014 IHSA sectional championship my junior year in which I shot a 1475 (245.83 average). I also went on to bowl 2 more 300 games that same year and averaged 217 for the entire season. I was also a 3-time state qualifier in high school and qualified for the Junior Gold National championships 4 times (2012-2015). None of my success would have been possible without Bill's guidance. His attention to detail is what separates him from other instructors. If you want to take your game to the next level, Bill is your guy!"

Corey Kahen – Northbrook, IL
Credits Bill's attention to detail in helping him achieve success from early onward

"I've been bowling for the past 6 years now, and have improved a lot since then. After a while, I felt that I needed to get my game to the next level, that's when I went to Bill. Some things that set him apart are his one-on-one coaching style, his use of video recording, and his overall knowledge of the game. After only a couple of months, I saw improvement which led me to place 64th out of 1,357 bowlers at Junior Gold this year in the U20 division."

Connell Kelleher – Chicago, IL
Saw big improvements in his game in a short time

"I started taking lessons with Bill in about 2005 and continue to today. He records your form on camera, and shows it back to you, pointing out what you need to work on. He's adjusted things like my hand position and shoulder position a number of times over the years. He's helped me to improve my average a lot. I've been shooting many 600 series lately, and just recently, I shot my first 738 series and a 297 game, which is my new high game and series. Bill is a great coach and I've made significant improvement thanks to him."

Isaiah Koch – West Chicago, IL
Recently shot high series and game of 738 and 297

"The great coaching I have received from Bill via Diandra Asbaty and Jason Belmonte's International Art of Bowling has enabled me to receive 12 offers from colleges who want me to come bowl for them! I learned so much from the IAB Sessions and Studio300 camps I've attended and the interactions I've had with other members of IAB's Circle have helped me become the bowler I am today (and will be in the future!) Coach Bill has always been available to give me equipment drilling advice, lane play guidance or coaching help if I was struggling. I look forward to bowling for the University of Alabama at Birmingham next year knowing the coaching I got from Coach Bill and IAB has me well prepared."

Sierra Lewis – Scottsboro, AL
Received 12 college offers

"Working with Bill has helped me improve my game tremendously. Bill combines his experience as a professional bowler with years of on lane coaching. Merging these two concepts gives you a learning experience like no other. Bill understands the fundamentals the professionals share as well as their unique qualities that allow them to stand apart. This knowledge allows him to bring out the good in your game while improving upon the fundamentals that need work. Bill will not try to change who you are, but he will allow you to reach the full potential of who you are. As a young bowler on Tour I had the desire to learn how to become a straight player. Bill was able to teach me the fundamentals of the straight game while at the same time not taking away anything from my ability to hook the ball. It was an experience that few coaches in the world can offer. Anyone looking to improve their game – whether it be a beginner, an intermediate, or a professional – should consider a lesson with Bill Spigner."

Chris Loschetter – Avon, OH
PBA Champion
10-time PBA Regional Champion
2-time European Bowling Tour Champion

"I started working with Bill in the summer of 2010. Back since high school, I always cranked the ball as much as possible with a four-step delivery. Bill taught me how to get the ball into the lane and adjust to the more modern game of bowling as it is today. After just a few months of working with Bill, I shot my first career 800 series. Four years later and many more improvements since, I shot my first 300 game in league play on September 18, 2014.

Bill's insights have helped me become more of a student of the game and it helps me to adjust to multiple situations. Each step is a process and the simplistic analytical nature he brings to the game is remarkable. I even had a session with Bill the day right after I shot my 300, as we continue to tweak my game to constantly improve the quality of my shots.

One of the best things I enjoy working with Bill is his communication style. It's not over-thought and he makes it easy to understand. He always asks "How does it feel?", even on a good shot."

Noel McElroy – Vernon Hills, IL
300 game and 800 series after working with Bill

"I started taking lesson from Coach Spigner my freshman year of high school. I was lucky to have him as a coach for my four years of high school. I started out not knowing anything about bowling but with his help I was two-time member of the state qualifying varsity team. Coach Spigner helped me go from a 140 average my freshman year to an average around 200 my senior year. He not only helped me with my form, but also helped me learn how to play the lanes also. I had no idea what lane numbers were and where to move for each shot, but now I know how to play the lane no matter what the situation is. Every lesson he would see where I needed improvement and we would work on it and I improved a lot every time. I appreciate and respect his knowledge to the game and his devotion to individual and team building."

Noah Melcer – Vernon Hills, IL
Vernon Hills High School

"Bill has been helping me for over 25 years as I first took a private lesson from Bill in the late 1980's when he was at Strike & Spare Lanes in Northbrook, IL. At that time Bill helped me with 3 things – stability at the foul line; attacking the pocket from more than one angle; and picking up ten pins. I improved and joined ABT and after an informal lesson in which Bill just worked on my mental game I won an ABT Tournament. Then I was lucky enough to win one of the 4 private lessons Bill gives away each year at ABT. At this lesson Bill really focused on my hand at release. I also have been using Bill's Monday Tune-Ups to reinforce everything that Bill has taught me. His Monday Tune-Ups are great as he uses video in them as he does his private lessons and he showed me that I had fallen back into bad habits at the line and he was able to give me something to work on to be better at the line. Thanks for the help Bill!"

Steve Morrissey – Lake Zurich, IL
Started working with Bill over 25 years ago

"I bought a series of lessons with Bill after recovering from shoulder surgery. I was hoping to learn more efficient mechanics to prevent re-injuring my shoulder. Bill started me from the ground up and made some changes that dramatically changed my armswing that made me more accurate and better balanced. I took a year off to recover from my surgery and I am now better than I was before I injured my shoulder. I can't thank Bill enough for his hard work and patience – I look forward to more lessons in the future."

Gregg Parrish – Algonquin, IL
Made dramatic changes to his game

Below is Gregg's before (above) and after (below) video and what Bill felt Gregg should work on. See Video Viewing Tips above on how to optimally view the video.

"Bill has been a good friend for 40 years and during that time he has become one of the best friends the game has had. A USBC Hall of Famer and great bowler in his own right, Bill has dedicated his life to making the sport better and the people that participate in the sport better. Over the years , the knowledge he has acquired he has passed on to his fellow bowlers, becoming one of the best coaches in the game. If you want to improve in the sport of bowling, you can't do much better than going to see Bill Spigner."

Johnny Petraglia – Jackson, NJ
PBA Hall of Fame
USBC Hall of Fame
Ranked 16th All-Time Greatest PBA Players

"When I joined the Stevenson High School Boys Bowling team as a freshman, I was a one-handed bowler and averaged about 190. Near the end of the season, I was having a lot of trouble with my approach and getting my ball on the lane with the right rotation. After seeing the success one of my teammates was having throwing the ball two-handed I decided to switch to a two-handed style. My high school coach was OK with it but told me to take it serious and work hard at it. My two-handed teammate helped me a lot along with my league coaches. I was starting to get the hang of the two-handed approach, but I still needed more improvement on my game.

Then I met Bill during my sophomore year, and he has helped make me the two-handed bowler I am today! He first helped me with my timing and rotating the ball correctly, and then we worked on ball choice and spare shooting. As I progressed, we worked on conquering very hard oil patterns and understanding lane pattern breakdown. I worked diligently on all the things Bill told me to work on, and when I had problems along the way, Bill was there to help guide me through them.

After about 2 years working with Bill, my average started to slowly increase, and when the high school bowling season started my junior year, I was one of the top players on the Stevenson varsity team. I came in 2nd in the ISHA Regional; and then 5th at the IHSA Sectional, which qualified me for the IHSA State Boys Bowling Championship.

I now average 220 in my house league; 218 in the North End Jr. Travel League, and I shot my first 300 this year (which lucky enough Bill was there to see!)

I have no idea where I would be today without Bill's help, he has given me so much of his time and effort to make me a great two-handed bowler. He is one of the best coaches out there, and I recommend anyone who is seeking to improve their game go see Bill Spigner."

Lucas Pinkus – Buffalo Grove, IL
Converted to two-handed bowling with Bill's help

"I started working with Bill at the age of 15, a junior in high school. I had just began bowling seriously and I had eight steps in my approach. I was not very good at all, to say the least. With Bill's consistent help, I was able to improve not only a great amount, but in a very short amount of time. I went from averaging about 160 to 200 within two years and Bill Spigner was essential in this growth. I quickly went from being a very poor bowler to one of the top youth bowlers in the Saturday morning youth league at Hawthorn and the youth travel league.

Through Bill's help and inspiration I was able to obtain a scholarship to bowl at Robert Morris University, where I bowled for four years from 2009-2013. While at Robert Morris, I continued to work on my game. I was pleased with the help I was getting from my college coaches, but nobody knows my game like Bill does. Seeing Bill for touch ups throughout the seasons helped me become a very good bowler at the collegiate level. My best tournaments and weeks at practice have all come after a touch up with Bill. I am very proud to share that in 2013, our team won the Intercollegiate Team Championships and I could not have been apart of that amazing experience without Bill Spigner.

Bill has not only helped me with bowling though. Growing up in the youth league and various bowling alley's around the country, I have made many friends in the community, something that was hard to do for me. Bill made bowling fun for me and is always there whenever I need anything, let it be about bowling or just life advice. Bill Spigner will always be my coach and friend and I'm excited to continue to work and bowl with him in the future."

Max Potash – Arlington Heights, IL
From clueless to Collegiate National Champion

"I have had the privilege of knowing Bill for 25 years and he is one of the original USBC Gold Level coaches.

Bill is one of the few whom the PBA Tour players turn to when they need help and he has shown that he can work with all ages and abilities.

There is no sugar coating or stroking anyone to keep them coming back with Bill – he will identify the areas of your game which you need to work on, explain why, and then show you how – all in an easy to comprehend manner. Plus he employs the newest technology in his lessons.

Cannot imagine where my game would be without his help."

Davey Rosen – Northbrook, IL
5 Lake County Bowling Association Titles
3 Illinois Bowling Association Titles
Lake County Bowling Association Hall of Fame

"I bowled a lot as a kid, but gave up the sport after college. Never really thought much about it, until 25 years later I got back into bowling by chance. About 10 years ago my children were high school buddies with the Spigner's kids, and I wound up connecting with fellow parent Bill during the course of some school activity. During dinner one evening, as I regaled Bill with the 1 minute version of my youthful bowling glories, he challenged me to re-engage with the sport. I got interested, went down to the lanes to throw a few games, and quickly realized I was now a middle-aged man trying to bowl like a teenager. Having never had a real lesson, and knowing that I had no clue as to how to do this right, I turned to Bill for some lessons. He got me aligned, simplified many aspects of my game from set-up through release, initiated me into the mysteries of the modern equipment, and got me into a competitive league.

Fast forward a few years. Bowling has become an important hobby for me which satisfies a need to remain competitive in sports. I can't play league racquetball anymore, but I can still (occasionally) beat the young guys on the alleys. I've managed to make the finals in a PBA Sr. Regional, won several league championships, have five 300 games and four 800 series, and I was named the 2013-14 USBC LCBA Sr. Bowler of the Year. Once in a while I still go to Bill for a lesson, especially after I've created some harmful complication in my game and he helps straighten me out. Bill is also generous with tips outside of lessons, which I fully expect to continue now that I've provided him with this testimonial. He's a great resource to the bowling world."

Howard Rothstein – Mundelein, IL
2013-14 USBC LCBA Sr. Bowler of the Year
5-300 Games
4-800 Series

"Bill Spigner is an awesome coach! Bill not only helped me improve my physical game, but my mental game and confidence level as well. With his guidance, I became the IHSA 2009 Individual State Bowling Champion and then in 2010, I finished fifth. Because of this success I was an NCAA recruited athlete and was able to bowl collegiately. As a coach, Bill shared his passion, knowledge and expertise, which greatly influenced my success – on and off the lanes. I know I would not be where I am today – as a bowler and as a person – without his help."

Nicole Sanhamel – Vernon Hills, IL
2009 IHSA Individual State Bowling Champion

"When I was going into my high school sophomore year I joined a bowling league with my friend who was on the high school team his freshman year. I began to fall in love with the game. When I started taking lessons with Bill, it started to help my game. By my junior year, I was on my school's varsity squad. In the middle of the season, I started to struggle and couldn't get good motion on the ball.

One day in my league, I tried two-handed and did pretty good. I asked Bill if I could try it, he watched me roll a couple of shots and said "Let's go for it!" I made the change and under Bill's guidance I have improved my overall consistency whether it be my strike shot or my spare shooting. Bill is helping me develop my own two-handed style that compliments what I do. I'm really looking forward to this season and my future as a two-handed bowler."

Dylan Santacruz – Wilmette, IL
Bill helped convert him from 1-handed to 2-handed

"I have known Bill for over 25 years – ever since he ran his pro shop – Bill Spigner's Pro's Corner – inside Strike 'N Spare Lanes in Northbrook, IL. The balls he drilled for me were some of the best I've ever owned and after I took lessons from him I'd shoot some high scores and my league average would rise. Bill has been very generous with his time and knowledge helping me work on my game over the years. In fact one night after league he helped me work on playing a deep inside line just before I left for the USBC Open Championships and I bowled my best scores ever that year. I will always cherish the bowling pin he gave me from the rack on the pair of lanes I shot my first 300 on and since then I've bowled three more 300's, multiple 11's in a row, two 800 series, and have averaged over 220. I owe a lot of thanks to Bill – he's a great coach and friend whom I respect immensely. Thank you Bill!"

Chuck Schriver – Fox Lake, IL
Bill has helped him for 25 years

"When I took up bowling 6 years ago after not bowling for ~40 years I had a lesson with Bill. Last year my game was beginning to deteriorate so I had another lesson with Bill and then attended a few of his Monday Tune-Ups. Soon after that I shot a 276 with two spares followed by 10 strikes in a row and I finished with a 638 series! The most I ever had before was 6 strikes in a row and everyone in my league hugged and congratulated me. By the end of the year my average went from 157 to 170. Thanks so much to Bill for making it fun to bowl again... and it's great he has a senior rate!"

Hope Schwartz – Glenview, IL
Improving Senior Bowler

"I've bowled my whole life and had some great successes in my bowling career – I was the 1991 Navy Athlete of the Year and 5-time All-Navy Team; the 1991 All-Armed Forces All-Events Champion; a Team Gold Medalist in the 1990 Olympic Festival; and my USBC team won the 2004 Open Championships Team-All-Events. I am now 71 years old and have been struggling so much with my game lately that I was ready to quit because I couldn't compete. I finally decided that I needed help so I went to Bill for a lesson. After just one session, he had me back on my game and the next three times I bowled league I was shooting in the 600's again and got my confidence back. Thanks Bill for helping me get my game back!"

Jim Servis – Lake Villa, IL
1990 Olympic Festival Team Gold Medalist
1991 Navy Athlete of the Year
1991 All-Armed Forces All-Events Champion
5-time All-Navy Bowling Team
2004 USBC Open Championships Team All-Events Champion

"I first started bowling when I was 9 in a league and my average was around 100. It continued to rise until my freshman year, when I first met Bill. I was averaging around 180 that year and I was on the Stevenson High School JV1 team. I didn't expect much going into my first lesson with Bill – a man I had never met before – but after my lesson, I already had a newfound understanding of the game of bowling as well as my own physical and mental game. My average rapidly began going up, and I bowled my first couple 600 series' in a row, and was promoted to Varsity in only my freshman year, even my brother Zach (2016 IHSA State Champion) wasn't on varsity that year! At the end of the year I was averaging 193 and kept working with Bill. Stevenson had made some runs at the State Title, but nothing really came together until this past year, where along with my teammates – Lucas, Richie, Ted, Eddie, Gaber and Zach – we were able to win the 2016 IHSA Boy's Bowling State Championship and I mainly attribute the success to Bill as the majority of the team saw him for lessons. I was able to average 220 at that tournament myself, and I feel without Bill Spigner's guidance, none of this would ever have been possible. As my game has progressed so has what Bill has taught me – we are now working on understanding ball reaction, how to play sport patterns, and learning to change my hand positions to get different rolls on the ball. I am proud to call Bill my coach and friend – he is one of only 26 UJSBC Gold Coaches in the world – and his authentic and true vision for the game plus a genuine desire to help others grow in this sport is the reason I would 100% recommend him for anyone looking to improve their game. He will help you vastly!"

Josh Singer – Buffalo Grove, IL
2016 IHSA Boys Bowling Team Champion

"When I was ten, I was searching for a sport you could play year round no matter the weather. I found bowling and quickly learned to love the sport. I began as a one-handed righty bowler, averaging around 150 in my leagues at BZ Hawthorn. Over the years of coaching and growth as a player, I never really had a large level of improvement. I had a high game of 258 and a high series of 600. When I was in the eighth grade, I began fooling around in practice with the two-handed delivery. (I'd like to mention I didn't know what two handed bowling was, or that lefties had any kind of advantage in our sport). After becoming used to this method of bowling, I consulted with Jamie Kaiser about switching over and I believe his answer was "Why not. Go for it." It turns out this decision might have been the best one I ever made. One or two months into my new style, I met Bill and started receiving lessons from him. After a few lessons, I began to improve dramatically. My average skyrocketed from 150 up to 210. In my first league that summer, my high game went up to 279. Now almost four years later, I've shot 7 300's and a high series of 832. In our High School competitions, I've won many High School tournaments including the State Individual title, as well as winning as a team at Stevenson High School. One of my greatest accomplishments thus far, has been taking 2nd place in my first PBA Regional event. In my opinion, Bill is the number one person to go to for the two-handed delivery. After lessons with Bill, I've been able to hone my game to a point where I've begun to compete at the highest levels. We broke down the inconsistencies of my game, and also worked on things like spare shooting methods, changing hand positions, and balance at the foul line. If you are new to the two-handed delivery, or even have been two-handed for a long period of time, Bill can help you improve your game immensely."

Zach Singer – Buffalo Grove, IL
2016 IHSA Boys Bowling Individual Champion
2016 IHSA Boys Bowling Team Champion
2nd Place PBA Regional

"After 10 years of youth bowling I started bowling again over a year ago. My bowling didn't feel comfortable until I met Bill. After just 3 hours of lessons from Bill in June, 2015 my bowling games immediately went from the 190's to throwing mostly 600 series. Since Bill's lessons I've finished in a multitude of top spots in both singles and doubles tournaments which prize money easily paid for the reasonably priced lessons from Bill. Additionally, Bill identified two serious drilling pitch issues which previously led to many doctor visits and a trip to the emergency room. After the pitch changes my ball comes off my hand flawlessly and I no longer have to think about letting the ball go... it just naturally comes off my hand. Without lessons from Bill I would have never achieved any milestones in bowling and most likely would have been forced to stop bowling due to the worsening condition of my injured finger. Without a doubt Bill is among the world's premier bowling coaches."

Gerald Smith – Bad Axe, MI
Bill's help transformed his game

Below is Gerald's before (above) and after (below) video and what Bill felt Gerald should work on. See Video Viewing Tips above on how to optimally view the video.

"I began working with Bill Spigner around two years ago and I never left a lesson with him without making huge strides in my bowling game. Since my first lesson with Bill I've done very well in numerous tournaments including making the TV show and finishing second in the 2012 Intercollegiate Men's Singles Tournament in Lincoln, NE and recently winning a PBA Regional Tournament in Sioux Falls, SD. Bill, in my opinion, is one of the best coaches in the world as he was able to see flaws in my game that no other coach I've worked with has helping me take my game to the next level. If you feel your game isn't progressing the way it should – go see Bill – his keen eye is what took me in the direction I wanted my game to go. Thank you Bill – I look forward to working with you for years to come!"

Joe Steiner – Fremont, NE
2012 Collegiate Men's Singles Tournament Runner-Up
2013 PBA Regional Champion – Sioux Falls, SD
Brunswick Regional Staff

"I started taking lessons from Coach Bill when I was around 9 years old and I have been very fortunate to have him as my high school coach the last 4 years. The best thing about Coach Bill is that he doesn't believe that one style of bowling fits everyone. He worked differently with everyone on our team concentrating on their natural abilities without changing everything about their game. We had great success – our team qualified for the IHSA State Tournament all 4 years I bowled, finishing 2nd twice. Personally, Coach Bill not only helped me elevate my physical game, but his ball selection counseling, lane play suggestions, and mental game insights all contributed to my accomplishments – 2-300 games, 2-800 series, Sectional Champion, Conference High Average, 3 Scholarship Awards, Bowlers Journal Top High School Prospect, and being named to the Dexter/USBC All-American Team. If you want to improve your game and bring it to the next level, you can't find anyone any better than USBC Hall of Fame Bowler and USBC Gold Level Coach Bill Spigner."

Eric Swanson – Vernon Hills, IL
2011 & 2013 Dexter All-American
2011, 2012 Bowlers Journal Top High School Prospect
2012-13 Conference High Average
2013 Individual Sectional Champion

"I first met Bill while I was in High School, bowling for the local travel team. Though I was bowling for a competing team, I was always impressed with the quality of Bill's students and hoped to one day work with him. I took about a 6 year hiatus from bowling to focus on golf, which I played at the collegiate level.

After graduating college, I decided to get back into bowling. At first bowling in local leagues and evolving into my first sport league and competing in various tournaments. As I bowled on tougher conditions and with better competition, I began feeling discouraged and unhappy with the state of my game. I asked Bill for help and he was more than willing to work with me.

Over the last few years, Bill and I have worked together several times. Our lessons have focused on everything from mechanics to lane play to equipment. Through use of video analysis, Bill was able to effectively show me where my key areas for improvement were and how to correct them. As a golf instructor, I have studied the mechanics of the golf swing. Bill often makes analogies from golf to bowling to help me better grasp certain concepts. With Bill's help, I have steadily improved my league average each year, cashed in several local and state tournaments, and bowled my second 300 game.

Three years ago, I decided to use my passion for bowling to help grow the game as well. I was fortunate enough to be hired as the Varsity Boy's Bowling Coach for Libertyville High School. Though he coaches for a "rival" school, Bill helped show me various ways to teach the boys and provided assurance that I would be a quality coach. I encourage all of my bowlers to see Bill for private instruction to bring their game to the next level. Bill's knowledge of the game and interest in its future is unparalleled."

Rob Sweno – Mundelein, IL
Bill's use of golf analogies helped him better understand his bowling game

"If you're a bowler set on getting better, go see Bill! Bill has been my coach since I first met him in the summer of 2007 while bowling a summer sport league on the South Side of Chicago with his son Robby. After bowling competitively throughout middle school and high school, I found it hard during college and now while working professionally to dedicate enough time to my game and the sport to keep my bowling mind and body sharp. I now typically bowl in 3-5 month stretches subbing in leagues, bowling local tournaments, and making the annual trip to the USBC Open Championships. Every time I start one of these stretches, I go and see Bill because he is simply the best at spotting and correcting the physical "dust" in my game. Bill not only has the best eyes in the sport for the physical game, but he also has an uncanny ability to translate what he sees into feel for the player. Even now living in the Washington, DC area, I work with Bill closely over email and video to keep improving my game. As a self-professed tech junkie, I find it invaluable to be working with a coach that is staying ahead of coaching trends to support bowlers on the move. To top it off, Bill and the entire Spigner family are absolutely wonderful people and huge supporters of the sport. I'm honored every time I hit the lanes with them and to call them my friends. As a coach and friend, Bill is world class."

Vincent Tilson – Arlington, VA
2000 Ohio State YABA Boys All-Events Champion

"What makes a coach special is the ability to communicate information quickly, and easily to their students. Over the years of sessions with Bill Spigner, either in person or more recently with video work, each time my game has improved dramatically. After a couple videos back and forth, Bill offered a solution to a lifelong swing "bump". He outlined a few adjustments and this helped me focus routines around them. After arguably my best summer of bowling in my career, Bill's work helped propel me to my first PBA Tour National Title in Reno! His ability to communicate helped change my career – I'd suggest you let him do the same for you!!!"

Jon Van Hees – Charlestown, RI
Lake County Association Titleist

2015 PBA Scorpion Champion
Co-Owner Strike F/X Pro Shops, LLC

"After not bowling for over 10 years, lessons were necessary for me to get my game back in shape. In my opinion, the only way to tweek your game to the highest levels is to have an expert eye work with you. Bill took me through the process of analyzing my game step-by-step on and off the lanes with video to see each step. This gave me the confidence to make adjustments in my game. Bowling in league as well as ABT tournaments I have seen a noticeable improvement and I am excited to continue with Bill to get to the next level."

Tom Variola – St. Charles, IL
7 ABT Titles

"Before I started taking lessons with Bill, I considered myself an average bowler (196). I started thinking that in order to be more competitive, I needed to be more consistent and more versatile as the lane conditions started to change. A friend of mine suggested that I go and talk to Bill Spigner. After a few lessons with Bill, my spare shot was becoming more consistent (205). After I came off of rotator cuff surgery, I started to take lessons from Bill while trying to bowl left handed (2 months Avg. 147, hi game 202). When I started to bowl right handed again I was slowly easing back into my game with Bill. During this time we worked on my foot work, reading the lane as they broke down, equipment and mental aspect of the game. After two months, I started to roll mid to high 200's. Finally it happened, I rolled my first 300 on the first day of 2015 summer league. Since then I have increased my average from 196 to 212 on PBA patterns and have rolled, three 279's, 16 games over 220 at two different houses.

Thanks Bill for all of your help and I look forward in working with you after the summer."

Erik Vela – Beach Park, IL
Recently shot first 300 game

"I started taking lessons with Bill in 2011 as a sophomore in high school. He has helped me grow from a 130 average bowler to a bowler with an average of between 190 and 200. His help enabled me to qualify for Junior Gold 3 times – and at the 2015 Junior Gold he taught me to see my ball reactions on the different conditions and how to stay ahead of the lane transitions. My spare game really improved after Bill taught me the right spare adjustments for my game. All of this along with helping me improve my release have made me the bowler I am today.

Bill also helped me a lot at the 2015 Junior Gold Tournament. In practice, he wanted me try all my balls out at Junior Gold, which is something I have never done before. When I was struggling, he told me just keep moving and keep getting my release right. In my last 2 games at Junior Gold, I first bowled a 159 game, so he told me to try playing deep during the last game, and I shot a 244 game. He helped me stay ahead of the transitions. Another way is he helped me is with my spare game. On the first day on the short pattern, my spare game was bad. He spent an hour with me to help me with my spare, and it helped me a lot. My spare game was a lot better during the next two days of the tournament."

Ryan Wilson – McHenry, IL
Average went from 130 to 190+

"Bill is one of the most knowledgeable coaches out there as he has the ability to teach to a bowlers' strengths and comfort zones. His use of video examples to compare me to the best players in the world made it so easy to understand where my game needed to improve. From 2004 to now my lessons with Bill not only involve my physical game but also my mental game.

Bill has taught me to play lane conditions so that I can have a margin of error in my release and still hit the pocket. He stresses to me to "feel my game" and "every shot I roll is a building block to the next shot". "How you start is how you finish" is something he has told me to think about to help me get a consistent approach.

I shot my first 300 game when I was 16 on a Sport Condition and because of the successes I was having I decided to bowl my first PBA tournament – the Tour Qualifying Round of the 2007 Chicago Open. As a teenager I couldn't have honestly been more nervous in my first PBA tournament, but I was able put my nerves aside and throw a perfect strike on my first ball ever in the highest level of competition. It was great to be able to apply what Bill had taught me and shoe up against the best in the world.

I later pursued bowling in college and in my first college tournament as a member of the Northern Illinois University team I placed 2nd place individually falling just a few marks short of being the Individual Champion at the 2008 National Collegiate Team Match Games. And I was fortunate to finish my college bowling career up at Robert Morris University – the #1 ranked team in the USA.

And my successes have continued at the adult level becoming the 2011-2012 Lake County USBC Bowler of the Year. I thank Bill for giving me the tools all these years to achieve that – you need to see him if you want to take your game to the next level!"

Sean M. Wilson – Hawthorn Woods, IL
2006 Lake County BA Star of Tomorrow (Youth)
2010 MSUSBCBA Scratch All-Events State Champion
2011-2012 Lake County USBC High Average
2011-2012 DeKalb Area USBC Association High Average
2012 Lake County USBC – All-Events Scratch Champion
2011-2012 Lake County USBC Bowler of the Year

"Returning to bowling after a long hiatus was a challenge for me. However, I have had lessons from Bill over the last five years and bowled in two leagues. Bill's encouragement and expertise have helped my game greatly and I would recommend him to anyone who really enjoys the game but struggles with maintaining a constant average."

Nancy Zelken – Deerfield, IL
Bill's help has made Nancy more consistent

"I first started taking lessons from Bill in middle school. My average had plateaued at about 140, and I knew that if I wanted to take my game to the next level, Bill was the person I needed to go to. He was able to analyze my form and pinpoint small things to adjust that made a big difference. He taught me how to be sensitive and cognizant enough to recognize changes in the oil breakdown and differences in my timing and release, making me a more self-sufficient bowler. He doesn't just say what to do to become a better bowler, but explains the why and the how behind it, providing a holistic understanding of how the sport works. I bowled varsity for Libertyville High School from 2010-2014, and finished my senior season strong as an IHSA State Finalist with a 200 average. I also was named a 2014 Lake County Bowling Association Star of Tomorrow. Even though my university does not have a bowling team, I know bowling will continue to be a major part of my life and I will always carry with me the lessons Bill taught me."

Natalie Zeng – Libertyville, IL
2014 LCBA Star of Tomorrow
Went from 140 to 200 average after working with Bill

"Hands down, by far, the best money we have ever invested in our son Richy's bowling career. While the basic fundamentals and some natural born talent existed, it wasn't until our son started to work with Bill that his game really reached the next level. He went from being a decent bowler at a young age who threw some good games now and then to now shooting five 300 games, several 780 series, averaging 217 during his sophomore high school season and winning several tournaments over the course of the last couple of years. His work with Bill has allowed him to maintain the parts of his game that have served him well, while focusing on other areas that have allowed him to score higher and more consistently. The interaction and connection between the two of them is clearly evident, and as parents to a young, teen-age boy (who often feels that he knows more than anyone!), it is a very proud feeling to see our son react, respond, and relate to a coach that he holds in such high-regard and has the utmost respect for."

Laura and Rich Zenner – Hawthorn Woods, IL
parents of Richy Zenner