Bobby Habetler

This is what Bobby had to say about Bill:

I first met Bill six years ago and have been working with him ever since. I really love what Bill has done with my game because he works on the small parts, which makes my margin for error much larger. Bill knows my strengths and has worked with me on identifying my weaknesses. He always tells me, "This is a long-term solution." I love that because it makes me realize that nothing can be fixed immediately. Bill helped me prepare for the 2021 PBA Jr. Regional Tournament in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin by working on some different hand positions that I ended up using bowling in the tournament. I ended up finishing in 5th place in the star-studded field. I firmly believe I have an advantage over my competition because Bill is my coach.

What Bill had to say about Bobby:

Competitive bowling is in Bobby's DNA as his great-grandfather Rudy Habetler won the 1953 ABC Masters. Bobby is mature beyond his years – very calm, intelligent, and level-headed. These attributes are evident whether he is bowling as an individual or with a team. As you can see in the video, he has the same pre-shot preparation – never rushing his shots and always is set mentally before he starts his approach.

Bobby is slight in stature but has a big game. He's a two-handed stroker and his medium speed and rev rate match up perfectly. He has the ability to play anywhere on the lane and uses his equipment wisely. He handles high scores with composure and doesn't get rattled with a bad score. If he's struggling, he's very good at staying in the present and working to figure out a solution. If he's bowling good, his attention is just as focused.

He is a pleasure to work with, as he is very inquisitive and is always looking for answers and ways to improve – many things we work on are pretty advanced and way beyond someone his age. I'm looking forward to helping him achieve his bowling goals.

Stephanie Zagar

This is what Stephanie had to say about Bill:

I first met Bill three years ago and I've been working with him the past year and a half. What I really like about Bill is that he helps make what I already do well with my game better and at the same time minimize my liabilities. Bill has shown me a side of bowling that I really never knew, and I always leave my lessons with something to work on to improve my game to make me the best version of me. I feel comfortable and relaxed around him and he makes sure I understand clearly what he wants me to work on at home. Bill has led me to not only one Wisconsin High School State Singles Championship but back-to-back Wisconsin High School Singles Championships in 2020 and 2021. I'm looking forward to what we'll work on next, and I can't say thank you enough for helping me reach my goals Bill!

What Bill had to say about Stephanie:

Stephanie is a delight to work with – she has a great swing, rock solid finish, wonderful lane sense, touch and a great work ethic.

She came to see me right before the Wisconsin State High School Championships the past two years and those sessions brought her some great results. This year she was struggling – she couldn't get her ball to roll and hook which affected her carry and her visual line-ups got off. I had her move up about 12" on the approach and coupled with that I told her to think about her back swing going no higher than waist high. Even with her feeling her swing was very low, it still was a ball width over her head--which was fine--the goal was to slow everything down on her back swing. Then we worked on opening up her target line so it was in line with her arm swing.

The final piece this year was an equipment adjustment. I knew the Wisconsin High School Championships were being played on a challenge condition which would require accuracy and controlling the lane front to back so I wanted her equipment to basically hook very early so her ball didn't blow through the break point. I used a 180 grit abralon pad and hand-sanded her solid asymmetric and pearl symmetrical bowling balls until they were very dull which I knew would hook early enough so she could line-up normal and control the lane.

What we worked on paid off – she won her second straight Wisconsin High School Girls' Singles Championship--the first two-peat in it's history.