International Art of Bowling and The Circle

Bill is a Coaching Specialist

Bill is IAB's Coaching Specialist and is heavily involved in The Circle which is the subscription based learning resource of IAB. The Circle features personalized training and tips, video analysis, live chats, forums, special guests, webinars and more to help you improve – even from a distance 365.24.7. The Circle membership has closed now but to be put on the waiting list for future re-openings CLICK HERE to sign-up.

In February, 2014 Bill became part of the International Art of Bowling (IAB) and The Circle Tech Team joining IAB Founders USBC Silver Level Coach, 2013 PBA Player of the Year, and 2014 Tournament of Champions and 2014 USBC Masters Winner Jason Belmonte and USBC Silver Level Coach, 3-time World Bowler of the Year, and 2012 USBC Queens Champion Diandra Asbaty; and nationally acclaimed pro shop specialist Joe Cerar, Jr.  Through their one and two day Bootcamps IAB offers bowlers world-class coaching and video-analysis on many topics such as lane play, lane adjustments, fundamentals, ball fit, swing assessment, ball reaction, and the mental game.   CLICK HERE for a nice overview of IAB and The Circle.

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The Circle Opening a Huge Success!

The re-launch of The Circle was a huge success and the map below shows where The Circle Members are from – 35 countries including Switzerland, Vietnam, and even Brunei.

College Bowling Cheatsheet

Need help in figuring out how to increase your chances of getting into the bowling college of your dreams? Then CLICK HERE to get IAB's "College Bowling Cheatsheet" and start working on your high school to-do list and learn what you should be doing to prepare for college bowling.

Elite Youth Tour

Are you a competitive youth bowler looking for tournaments to bowl? Then check out IAB's Elite Youth Tour. The tournaments cost $50 to enter and there are age divisions for both boys and girls. CLICK HERE to go to for more information and how to enter future tournaments.



IAB Confessions of a Pro Bowler's Mind

Learn how to improve your mental game by hearing and seeing how Jason Belmonte dealt with the pressure of having to strike out to win the biggest tournament of his career. CLICK HERE for more information on "Confessions of a Pro Bowler's Mind" and how to watch a full-length, play-by-play commentary by Jason Belmonte on how he handled the stress of bowling a title match.







IAB Mental Game

Want to build your self-confidence and self-image to improve your bowling? Then CLICK HERE to get IAB's free "Building Confidence & a Strong Self-Image". You'll get a worksheet to change the way you think and a video showing you how simple, but important thoughts can make all the difference in your mental game.




The IAB Sessions Clinic

The IAB Sessions are one-day Clinics that focus on sharpening your fundamental skills. There is much hands-on personal on-lane coaching from Bill and Diandra incorporating drills, video taping, and Bill's ball fitting analysis and taping methods. If you would like to be informed of the next IAB Sessions Clinic call or text Bill at 1-847-828-1712 or CLICK HERE to go to Bill's "Contact Bill" page and use the form to let Bill know.

IAB Studio 300 Clinic

For a longer training session consider a Studio 300 Clinic for two days of coaching, classroom, mental game, grip assessment, equipment fitting and taping adjustments, and on-lane instruction including video analysis. If you would like to be informed of the next Studio 300 Clinic call or text Bill at 1-847-828-1712 or CLICK HERE to go to Bill's "Contact Bill" page and use the form to let Bill know.

The pictures below are from the Studio 300 Clinic that was held at St. Charles Lanes, St. Charles, IL April 23-24, 2016.

Road to College Bowling

Want to bowl in college but have so many questions – How do I make a recruiting video? Can I get financial aid? or What's the difference between NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and Club level bowling teams?  It can be overwhelming so IAB has done the work for you with their new Road to College Bowling online course.  You'll get a list of every college in the US that has a college bowling team – including contact information, what you should ask college coaches and how to obtain scholarship dollars.  CLICK HERE for more information and to view a brief video of IAB's Road to College Bowling.


Road to Reading Lanes

As IAB's Coaching Specialist, Bill just finished writing a three part series called "Road to Reading Lanes" on how to read lanes better. CLICK HERE to read Part I about how to read lans side to side; CLICK HERE to read Part II about how to make adjustments through transition on a house shot or strong blend; and CLICK HERE to read Part III on advanced adjustments for house shots and strong blends. Want more help? CLICK HERE to go to the IAB website and sign-up to receive tips in the future.


10 Tips to Excel at Junior Gold

Jr. Gold is happening July 11-15, 2015 – want some help from IAB's Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty on how to bowl better at Jr. Gold? CLICK HERE to go to the IAB website and get IAB's "10 Tips to Excel at Junior Gold".